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Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)



Domestic violence in Australia has recently received much media attention and a common misconception is that there is little the law can do to protect people in these situations. At Legal First Solicitors Barristers, we strive to find the most appropriate solution to your particular need; to ensure that you are fully informed of your rights and the options available to you to obtain the best result possible.

Apprehended Violence Orders (‘AVO’) are designed to protect people facing violence such as physical assault, non physical abuse such as harassment or intimidation, or damage or threatened damage to property. In NSW, there are two types of AVOs issued by the Local court. These are an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (AVDO) and Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO). An ADVO is aimed to prevent domestic violence occurring and protects all those in a domestic relationship (including children). Examples of domestic relationships include those between spouse, de facto partner, ex- partner, family member and carer of person living in the same household. In contrast, an APVO is designed to protect people from personal violence from others who are not in a domestic or family relationship (and have never been).

It is also important to note that with an AVO, the order itself does not give a criminal record. However, the breach of an AVO is a criminal offence and the police may arrest and charge a person who breaches an order.

At Legal First Solicitors Barristers, we are able to help you if you have been charged with the offence. Our extensive experience in the court room and in handling matters such as these enables us to understand your situation. We offer clear and effective advice to determine the best course of action and best possible outcome for your case.