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Whether you are buying, expanding or selling your business, it is important that you have someone with experience helping you along the way. This ensures that your energy is focused on your desired outcomes instead of endless legal jargon and documents. At Legal First Solicitors Barristers, we not only offer you professional business advice to keep you ahead, we also provide support for our clients through collaboration and the handling of important documentations. We are here to help you with matters such as:

Purchase of Business

At Legal First Solicitors Barristers, we are here to assist you through the process of purchasing a business. We help you by:

  • Giving legal advice on issues such as licenses, patents, trademarks.
  • Inspecting employment contracts
  • Explaining the terms of the draft purchase agreement to you
  • Handling correspondence between you (purchaser) and the vendor
  • Organising the contract exchange and settlement

 Sale of Business

When selling your business, Legal First Solicitors Barristers are here to guide you through the complex process. Our experts will give you legal advice on:

  • Drafting a purchase agreement
  • Helping you clarify which aspects of the business (premises, intellectual property, equipment) you are willing to sell.
  • Correspondence between you (vendor) and the purchaser
  • Contract exchange and settlement

Let our team of highly experienced and dedicated solicitors do the hard work for you and ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and that all your business matters are handled promptly and professionally. Please contact us on (02) 9824 3884 or by email us to organise an appointment today.