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Family Laws

Our team knows that a relationship breakdown is a difficult and confusing time for everyone involved. Dealing with the complex legal challenges on your own will only amplify the stress, especially if children are involved. We understand that the stakes are highly emotional and have financial impacts that can jeopardise your future and wellbeing. When you work with our team we identify options that protect your rights and your children’s rights without unnecessary delay to resolve the family separation as quickly as possible.

At Legal First Solicitors Barristers you can expect to be treated with respect. By outlining and explaining all available legal options to you we empower you to make the right decisions for yourself and your family. We provide advice on the administrative and legal proceedings to ensure you have the understanding and support needed, and that you feel confident at every step of the legal process.


Our experience includes preparation and representation in divorce proceedings, drafting consent orders/binding financial agreements, and representation in the property settlement. We will also liaise with the other legal representatives to reach an agreement outside of court where possible to avoid the long waiting period and high costs involved with litigation.

Legal First Solicitors Barristers can assist you with various Family Law matters including:

  • Divorce Applications
  • Consent Orders
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Financial and Property Settlements
  • Child Support Agreement

We look forward to working together to help solve problems, create opportunities and establish peace in your family.